WHAT NEXT – Next-Generation Conference

On 11th March 2021, FlowCamp hosted the NEXT-GENERATION Flow Battery Conference and Networking Event, with over 250 participants from academia and industry.

Originally designed as a small PhD event with a few guest speakers, the conference quickly grew to cover different materials, models, concepts and systems at the cutting-edge of international flow-battery research. FlowCamp is coming to an end, but whats next? Read our flyer:

what next? Flyer

New video online!

In our latest video Nak Heon Choi talks about his investigations into the slurry flow field of zinc-air redox flow batteries. Check out his latest findings below!

A new publication has been added!

We published a new Open Access article about “Development of flow fields for zinc slurry air flow batteries” Read it here!

New video online! MSCA 2020 contribution

Our colleague, Detlef Jannes prepared a short video for the MSCA 2020 Award!
Want to find out more about his research and motivation? Watch the video below!

New publications!

There are two new publications available! Read them here!

Upcoming events 2020

We have several new events that FlowCamp will participate in! Check them out here!

Press release – Let’s talk bromine!

March 2019: FlowCamp ESR Sanaz Abbasi, based at Elestor BV, is featured in a video on the prominent blog „Let’s talk bromine“, run by the International Bromine Council BSEF. Sanaz talks about her role in developing the next generation of hydrogen bromine flow batteries, and the importance of this technology to future energy storage. See the Video below.

Project kick-off meeting held at Fraunhofer ICT, Germany on 14.9.2017

The first project meeting was held at Fraunhofer ICT in Pfinztal, Germany. The project partners discussed all aspects of the research and training programme and planned the upcoming recruitment of the 15 postgraduates. Fraunhofer ICT also presented its wider research and development work in an informal lab tour held after the meeting.