Martyna Charyton

Martyna Charyton



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Martyns Charyton focuses on the development of low-cost anion-exchange membranes for the use in redox flow batteries.

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ESR project
Ion exchange coatings for porous separator membranes in RFB applications and development of PVC separators for testing in the Zn-air battery
Ion exchange function will be introduced to a porous PVC-Silica based membrane. The work will be focused on coating the porous membrane with ionic polymers in order to fabricate an ion exchange membrane. Apart classical wet chemistry coating technics, plasma polymer deposition will be included in the research work. Importantly the research will focus on anion exchange membranes which are less studied and seldom commercialized compared to sulfonated cation exchangers.

M. Sc. En. Chemical Technology
specialisation: Functional Polymer, Electroactive and High Energetic Materials
Warsaw University of Technology
B. Sc. Chemical Technology
Warsaw University of Technology

Biscoumarin-containing acenes as stable organic semiconductors for photocatalytic oxygen reduction to hydrogen peroxide
Marek K. Węcławski, Marie Jakešová, Martyna Charyton, Nicola Demitri, Beata Koszarna, Kerstin Oppelt, Serdar Sariciftci, Daniel T Gryko, Eric Daniel Głowacki,
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 5 (39), 20780-20788

Composite Anion-Exchange Membrane Fabricated by UV Cross-Linking Vinyl Imidazolium Poly(Phenylene Oxide) with Polyacrylamides and Their Testing for Use in Redox Flow Batteries
Martyna Charyton, Cristina Iojoiu, Peter Fischer, Gerard Henrion, Mathieu Etienne, Mateusz L. Donten
Membranes, 2021, 11 (6), 436