Samuel Spencer Hardisty

Samuel Spencer Hardisty

United Kingdom


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ESR project
Catalyst development with low platinum metal content for hydrogen bromide redox flow battery anodes.

I completed my MChem degree in materials chemistry at the university of St Andrews. My master’s year project was on the coupled heterogeneous catalysis of butanol to butanone and furfural to furfuryl alcohol, under the supervision of Prof Christopher Baddeley. I currently work with the hydrogen catalyst present in the hydrogen-bromine redox flow battery, trying to both reduce the platinum content and protect the catalyst from the corrosive bromine.

1.) K. Saadi, P. Nanikashvili, Z. Tatus-Portnoy, S. Hardisty, V. Shokhen, M. Zysler and D. Zitoun, J. Power Sources, 2019, 422, 84–91.