Diego Josué Milián Izeppi

Diego Josué Milián Izeppi



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Diego Milián focuses on the formulation and rheological characterization of zinc anode slurries for zinc – air RFB.

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ESR project
Formulation and rheological characterization of Zn slurry anode-electrolyte Slurries are complex systems in which some of the components are partially or not soluble at all. These components interact with each other and finally a low energy state will be reached, representing either a stable dispersion or phase-separated mix. A successful formulation will not only be defined by its stability, but also for its electrochemical performance.

Rheological characterization depends on many factors like viscosity, stability, flow behaviour, sample availability, among others. In our laboratory we prepare and characterize different slurries for zinc-air battery application, and characterize them to predict how will they behave at rest and during the process of discharge and charge. This project is multidisciplinary and fosters collaboration between different partners in the FlowCamp project.

BSc Chemical Engineering
Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

MSc in Chemical Innovation and Regulation
Università di Bologna/ Universitat de Barcelona
Master thesis title
Alginate hydrogels: Rheological characterization and application in encapsulation of walnut oil to prevent oxidation and deterioration

Formulation and rheological characterization of anode electrolyte slurry for Zinc-Air Redox Flow Batteries – Poster GFR 2019, Montpellier, France